Pepsi Training Page

I'd like to take a minute to thank you for taking the time to visit our 
training website and spending time learning how to use our products.  

Your demonstrations, done properly are extremely important to us 
here at Sodastream.  You are our greatest asset in bringing our home 
carbonating system to the United States.

Please watch each go through each step below in order which will give 
you all he information needed to perform a proper demonstration.

Please follow the links below in order to complete your training:

1. Company-info                                               9. Why-Buy
2. Dress-code                                                 10. Source-vs-Play

3. Demo-not-sample                                      11. Demo Script Video 

4. Demo-Supplies-ice-water                          12. Demo script (printed)

5. CO2-info                                                      13. Bed Bath and Beyond Video

6. Soda mixes                                                  14. Sodastream-Sodacaps
7. Bottles                                                          15. Basic Information

8. How-to-make-soda                                    16. Keys to the Demo

Remember to take the Quiz:  Click here

Live conference call (for questions and answers) after 
following the links above

Join us live every Wednesday night at 6 PM EST, Dial 605-475-3235 Pin: 584915 #

Pre-recorded conference call

605-475-3268 pin: 584915# it will ask you to wait then ask for the reference number.  Press the # key to listen to the call!